Israel Keys

📍 Makati City, Philippines

I’m an entrepreneur that has a background in technology startups and international humanitarian aid. Hailing from Australia, I’ve spent the last ten years abroad working on everything from rural communities in Mozambique, to technology startups in the greater Boston region of the USA.

I have a passion for developing people and building enterprises that make a difference.


I came to the Philippines to help with the typhoon Haiyan response with FH (Food for the Hungry) and now Founder & CEO of BloomSolutions.

I believe there is potential for the Philippines to go beyond the predominantly service-oriented nature of business here, towards locally designed and developed products that serve a global market.


I combine a formal education in both computer systems engineering and public administration. I hold degrees in Engineering and Science from the University of Queensland, Australia and a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.


Founder & CEO

At Bloom, we're revolutionizing how money is transferred and providing a range of financial inclusion services for the unbanked. Our flagship product - BloomRemit - provides low cost, blockchain powered, money transfer for remittance businesses.

I'm also available for speaking, training and consulting engagements in leadership, negotiation, and innovation strategy.

Feel free to reach out to me. I’m always up for a good coffee*!


I’m very particular about coffee. I only drink high-quality ’third-wave’ coffee that is fairly-traded, directly-sourced, recently brewed, and hand-crafted one cup at a time.

While out, I enjoy a skillfully poured latté made in an independently owned and operated café.

At home, or while traveling, I get my fix through a Hario Coffee Mill, Chemex and/or AeroPress.